What am I using Now?!

My means of control have varied depending on the year:

1996-1998: Regular/NPH Injections

1998-2002: Humalog/NPH Injections

2002-2005: Medtronic 508 - Humalog

2005-2016: Novolog Pens/Lantus

2016-Present: T:Slim/ Lantus supplement/ Afrezza

Inspired by a gathering of like-minded T1Ds on Catalina Island this past fall I hopped back onto a pump.

During my time working for Tandem, the T:Slim is an obvious accessory and you'll be hard pressed to find a T1D at work not wearing one. I thought I was going to be a hold-out in this case but the weekend inspired me to give it a shot. (I have been off of the pump since high school and had no expectation that I would ever get back on). I started wearing the pump Mid-October and used it "untethered". This means that I am supplementing the basal delivery with Lantus so that I can wear the pump as a correction device only. It will allow me to calcualte, to the hundredth of a unit, my BG corrections and carb corrections. I had low expectations due to my previous history of bearing a small square device in my pocket but then it started working out for me. BGs in the AM near 90 mg/dL and BGs throughout the day were stable. I began assessing the process from that weekend through the upcoming months and my Dexcom Clarity actually showed an A1C estimation of 5.9! There certainly is more to say but I've been away for far too long and I wanted to give an input on my current status. I have to applaud the untethered pumping!