Diagnosis...or when I Received My Powers

I was diagnosed in the middle of the year in 2nd Grade. Prior to getting diagnosed my only concern was reading faster than Nick (my buddy with undiagnosed ADHD) and collecting all of the Goosebumps books I could get my hands on. Also POGs were a big deal and my hometown still gave them out on the old-fashioned milk cartons. I remember it was particularly cold that whole year and I was still working on climbing a rope in gym.

 Back to Diabetes - I started to feel super weird around lunch time. Like, not sick or anything but my vision would get all blurry and I assumed I was thirsty so I would just stand at the water fountain thinking it would fix things. Lunch was the only thing that would fix things but that was usually some time later. It was 2nd grade and I probably wasn't the best at describing my situation so I likely told no one. 

The night prior to diagnosis, my mom and dad took my littler brother and me out for some McDonalds (it was still good for you back then) and I was absolutely starving. I recall I was so hungry that I had them order a Big Mac and Super Sized Pop (Colorado speak for "Coke or Soda") and Fries. I was an ogre and demolished all the food and was STILL HUNGRY (WTF!?). I was also losing quite a bit of weight and peeing almost every hour on the hour. After my supper, I couldn't sleep because I had to pee so much. I think my mom noticed and scheduled a blood test for the next day (My family has a long line of Diabetes, Thyroid issues, and ingrown toenails...cool right?!) so she knew what was up.

The next day, I was out of school, getting blood tested so it should've been a fun day. WRONG. The doctor called my mom about an hour later telling her I needed to be admitted to the hospital.

[phone rings....queue tears from mom]

I wasn't sad or anything.....thinking back I felt pretty brave about the whole situation. I wasn't too nervous, I was just now like my Uncle.

That afternoon we went to the hospital and that went pretty well other than the GIGANTIC NEEDLE THEY SHOVED INTO MY HAND to keep my hydrated. I don't think I was 800 mg/dL+ but I know I had a pretty High BG level. It took a couple days for things to get regulated. My Pediatric Doctor came in periodically to say hey and give some updates on my new diagnosis. They brought in some Oranges (high tech at the time) for syringe delivery practice. I learned how to test my blood. It seemed pretty intuitive - my uncle had been a T1D for many years at that point - so I was used to seeing the process. I was able to leave a couple days later with some Regular and Humalin insulin, a BG meter (that required a cup of blood to test your sugar), and some syringes,

Pretty Exciting Stuff -

The things missing:

- I never wet the bed or pee'd my pants prior to diagnosis which seems to be a pretty consistent thing amongst my T1D buddies. 

- I never passed out

- It actually kind of sucked because I had to have a nurse give me a bath