Better Preparing - Snack Bag Math

The one constant facet of being a T1D is having to go through a mental checklist anytime we go anywhere. I noted previously that my go-to accessory is my snack bag. This was an invention from my parents and T1D uncle to always have one piece of fruit/fruit snack, whole grain cookies (i.e. breakfast biscuits), and a juice with us at all times. This is enough for one troublesome low or a meal replacement in case there isn't time to eat. If I were to estimate, I would say it would be roughly 50 g carbs in food and 10-15g carbs for juice. This is what I used for my correction scale, but other Snack Bag users will lower the amount of food to cover their corrections or eliminate the juice altogether. Do whatever works for you.

Snack Bag= 50g (fruit + cookies) + 15 g Juice

Now, the evolution of the snack bag started back before CGMs were even a real concept and I carried my snack bag in my backpack from grades 3 through 12. I was so engrained in the 'Snack Bag Lifestyle' that I would carry a snack bag with me at all times during college.

Snack Bag = (Enough Food for 1 Low BG event for the T1D) x 2

The Snack Bag also became super popular amongst my friends at the time - for they understood that at any given time they could have a snack too! This popularity caused my parents to start to double the amount of snack bags given per day to ensure that not only were my BG levels covered - but also my friends' hunger pains. This is why we will want to double the number of snack bags available. 

The Snack Bag usually has two common homes: the truck of the car or the backpack. The advantages of the trunk are as follows - easy grabbing access for general snacking, (if driving) forces the T1D driver to pull over and stop to get snacks, keeps the snacks cool assuming they are shaded, leaves you with a treasure if you forget to take it out after a month. The backpack is an obvious housing for the Snack Bag but it is also in close proximity to the friends that will not think twice before stealing a bit of food. You'll want to be extra cautious. 

Now that CGMs are cool and commonplace, the Snack Bag has gone by the wayside. Visible control is at the hands of parents and T1Ds. Snacking isn't quite as serious as it previously would be but for younger T1kiDdos and parents there's some security knowing that a snack is just finger tips away.  For me, it's a call back to the times when I told my parents the world-ending phrase -  "I'm Feeling Shaky".