March For Science 4.21.17

Welp - I did it. 

I didn't think I was going to get into any of these planned marches in 2017 but I felt the March for Science was the one I could commit my whole attention. I grew with a very strong science background - science camps in the summer sort of childhood.

And obviously there was a political component to the march and I have plenty to say about my stance on the current administration but I don't want to detract from how positive and successful the march became. 

Though not currently involved in the Biomedical Industry, I felt that as a T1D I should show up to support the scientists and industries that have strived to keep control a possibility. I woke up early on a Saturday (ugh) and met with another scientific-minded friend to head down to San Diego's Civic Plaza. We showed up with about 20 minutes window before the crowd started to march. 

When we arrived we thought there was roughly 2,000 people around not realizing how far the crowd stretched. We met up with some family on a balcony and saw the full extent to this 'Rational' March. There were 15,000 of San Diego's finest nerds ready to march for their cause. I saw about 20 relevant signs to the T1D cause, plenty of pumps and plenty of Dexcom patches. I, myself, didn't go looking to promote T1D achievements (like I should have) but rather in my support for arts and sciences as a whole. The NerdHerd marched for 1 full mile through the warm, morning streets of San Diego chanting, beating drums and tambourines, and laughing at one another's creative attempts at signs. The March lasted about 2 hours and we ended up at San Diego's Waterfront Park to celebrate the achievement of getting 15,000 people to walk, laugh, and sing together. I would consider it an overall success and it was a miraculous turnout.

I have high hopes for our local scientific community.